EVS Report 2018

Arizona Nonprofit Economic Vitality Study

In 2016 The Phoenix Philanthropy Group was a leading partner in the conceptualization, development, and release of the ground-breaking Arizona Nonprofit Economic Vitality Study, “Arizona Nonprofits: Economic Power, Positive Impact.”  The newest version, “Beyond the Bottom Line: The Economic and Social Value of Arizona Nonprofits,” was updated in 2018.

Key findings include:

  • Nonprofits are the fifth largest non-government employer in Arizona. One in every 16 paid jobs in Arizona is in a nonprofit.
  • Arizona’s nonprofit sector in 2016 was responsible for an estimated $23.5 billion of Arizona’s Gross State Product, an amount equivalent to 7.7%.
  • In 2016, 9.1% of Arizona’s state and local tax revenue was generated by nonprofits.

For questions about the study, contact David Hume at (602) 499-4062 or hume@phoenixphilanthropy.com.