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In everything we do, we promise we will:

PROMISE 1 Listen. Ask. Understand. Deliver.

Your opinion and insight matter enormously and are the basis of our work together. You deserve to be genuinely listened to, to be engaged in a give-and-take dialogue, and to be connected with in a human way. All with the purpose of delivering advice and solutions to you that are meaningful, original, and ultimately exactly right for your organization.

PROMISE 2 Embrace the mission. Make a positive, measurable, and sustainable difference.

Your organization is unique and has an important mission in this world. Your mission needs to be understood and embraced: your organization’s purpose becomes our purpose; your passion is our passion. We become a part of your team. Together, this genuine connection results in an impact on your constituent’s world that is positive, measurable, sustainable, and real.

PROMISE 3 Think local, think global, but always think about the client.

Your organization – small or large, local or global – is entitled to the very best ideas, systems, experiences, and solutions, whether those are best practices of international philanthropy or community-based giving. But delivering best practices is not about being all things to all people: it is about being the right thing at the right time for your organization.

PROMISE 4 Deliver diverse perspectives, broad experience, better ideas.

You have the right to work with a team of exceptionally sharp, experienced, and diverse minds. Diverse minds that, working together, represent a practical breadth and depth of perspectives, insights, ideas, personalities, thinking styles, and work styles. Diverse ideas and synergistic solutions are more than just the sum of their parts.

PROMISE 5 Bring energy and enthusiasm to enrich great thinking.

You should expect more than just “solutions” to your organization’s challenges. You deserve great thinking. No, you deserve great, energetic thinking. Because breakthrough results are a product of not just sharp and experienced minds, and not just the great ideas and solutions themselves, but the tangible level of personal energy, enthusiasm – even fun – that is brought to the thinking process itself.